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Live Traffic Information Hyderabad And Chennai

ImageMapunity is a social enterprise with an operational cost of Rs 700,000-Rs 10,00,000, partly underwritten by Airtel's contribution and partly by Mapunity's other projects.


Mapunity is behind the recent release of Bangalore Transport Information System (BTIS) which provides live traffic conditions on the map. The site provides driving directions within Bangalore, Carpool information as well as safety tips to Bangalore residents. BTIS recently released their data to public in an API format where developers can use this API to create their own mashups. You can now use BTIS data to overaly on Yahoo Maps. 


Mapunity recently launched similar services for Hyderabad and Chennai. While Hyderabad Transport Information System (HTIS) is stable and provides similar services like Live Traffic, Directions, Safety Tips and carpool information, Chennai Transport Information System is still in Beta phase. You can still see live traffic information for Chennai as well as directions. 


You can use SMS 52225 to get Chennai directions on your mobile phone. If you are travelling in Chennai and stuck in the traffic, you can use your camera phone to {ln:nw: 'report} the traffic information to CTIS. Check out {ln:nw: 'CTIS website}


If you want to find out more about Hyderabad Traffic Information System, check out {ln:nw: 'HTIS website}