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5 Mostly Used Mobile Phones in India

Mobile phones are becoming part of a person's life. Back in late 90's, mobile phone was a luxury and only "Rich" people could afford it but now time has changed and even the tea stall owner or rickshaw driver can afford a mobile phone. I think to have a mobile phone in India is now a necessity.

India is pumping millions of mobile subscribers every month and now I think India has more mobile subscribers than landlines. So what mobile phones are popular in India?

Recently, Opera released a report for Opera Mini revealing the top 10 sites accessed from cell phones and also, the top 10 handsets used for accessing the sites. Here’s the list of the top 5 mobile phones used in India as per Opera Mini’s report for June 2008 –

• Nokia N70
• Nokia N73
• Nokia 6233
• Nokia 6600
• Nokia 3110c

As you can see, only Nokia handsets are in the top 5 and this shows the dominance of Nokia in Indian market. That being said, these five phones are equipped with a number of basic features. These five phones are also available at reasonable prices and maybe this is the reason why they are so popular among Indian users.