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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Google Launches Mobile App for iPhone And Touch

ImageFor those iPod touch and iPhone lovers out there, here is one more app for your iPod touch & iPhone. iPhone 3G which was launched globally on 11th of this month is still haven't been {ln:My Take On Apple Iphone 3G Launch In India 'launched in India}. Ever since Apple released its iPhone SDK, we are seeing lot of iPhone applications.

Google has released its first ever native app "Google Mobile App" for iPhone and iPod touch. The new app gives a single interface to search through your contacts and the web. It also gives google suggest features. Google Mobile App even searches as you type so that you see results as soon as you finish typing.

Google Mobile App also uses the My Location feature to detect your current location and show nearby businesses on a map. You can find the Google Mobile app on {ln:nw: 'iTune} or tap the App Store icon on your iPhone.

Check out the video of Google Mobile App for your iPod touch (or iPhone). (via:{ln:nw: 'GoogleMobile Blog})