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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Guruji Launches Music Search

ImageGuruji being an Indian search engine is trying new and innovative stuff to survive against the giants such as Google, Yahoo and AOL. It started the "Guruji Gyaan", Movie Timing search, local search etc. It also launched its operations in few Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil.

Now Guruji has {ln:nw: 'launched} Music Search where you can enter the song title or album title or an artist name and Guruji will list songs with an option to play them or add it to your favourites, like a playlist.

Guruji is basically pulling feeds from sites like, MusicIndiaOnline, Dinganaplayer and provides an interface to search them at one place.

When you try to play the song, it takes you to the appropriate music site in a new popup. It would be nice if they could provide an inline mp3 player such as