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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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SmartCheck An Online Check for Stolen Vehicle in India

I have previously covered {ln:Locate Stolen Vehicle By Sending an SMS 'Xenos Technologies}, a company that has developed a security system which allows you to locate your vehicle by sending an SMS. This is basically to take some preventive steps for automobile theft. What if you are buying a used car and don't know whether you are buying a stolen car or genuine car??

AutoIndia has launched a new beta service called SmartCheck which lets you check for stolen vehicles online. SmartCheck serves data on over 1,00,000 used vehicles with problems relating to fraud, theft.


You can check stolen vehicle information by its registration number, engine number or chasis number. This is really a nice feature for the used car buyers. Here are couple of questions for AutoIndia SmartCheck though.

  • Data over 1,00,000 vehicles cover only few cities? states? or is it Nationwide?
  • Any plans for getting more vehicles data?
  • Does it include four wheelers and two wheelers?

So if you are buying a used vehicle, check out {ln:nw: 'SmartCheck} for stolen vehicle.