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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Free Mobile Emails & Instant Messaging From ZestADZ


ZestADZ, India's mobile advertising firm has launched a new application called BerggiMail in association with, a leading mobility messaging solutions provider based out of USA. The application is free and allows users to access emails and Instant messenger on their mobiles.


BerggiMail is a very sticky application that works on the most simplest of mobile phones and requires a normal GPRS connection to run. The application has been extensively tested in India and is in use by thousands of customers who have downloaded it, in its beta stage. The most important feature of BerggiMail is that it can be configured to any of the existing email & IM services like yahoo, hotmail etc.

Though the application has been extensively tested, someone forgot to proofread the page where you can download the BerggiMail. Check out this image below. It is a copy paste from their previous application page called MeghDoot. MeghDoot which allows users to send SMS in Hindi.


Why is it free?
There is nothing called "free lunch" in this world. BerggiMail is free because it is mobile advertising supported by So you will have to see advertisement. ZestADZ will deliver contextually relevant advertisements during the use of the application. BerggiMail will pull ads from ZestADZ and display them during the start and at the end of the application.


The application is for the phones that are java compatible. So for windows mobile users like Motorola Q can not run this application. But most of the phones supports java so this application supports wide range of mobile phones. The application do require GPRS which is obvious. These applications are available to download on which I believe is a mobile social networking site? I wonder why I haven't seen our Indian blog sphere talking about this?


Anyways, Check out {ln:nw:http:// 'ZestADZ BerggiMail}.