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Last updateTue, 30 Jun 2015 2pm

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Google Drive To Provide 5GB Free Storage With Desktop Sync

google-driveRemember last year we told you about Amazon's Cloud drive(free 5GB storage in the cloud)? Well looks like Google is also playing the same card by providing GDrive (its own Google Cloud Drive) that will give you free 5GB storage.

The rumors of GDrive have been making rounds for about two years now but today TalkAndroid found a leaked picture of GDrive's beta page and looks like Google Cloud Storage is coming soon.

So what are the features of Google Cloud Drive?

Based on the screenshot we can surely assume the following about Google's Cloud Storage

  • Free 5GB Storage. You can upgrade the storage at any time.
  • In-App (Google Cloud Drive App for Android/iOS??) document editing feature will be available
  • It will have a desktop sync, mobile sync and tablet sync feature. So basically you can put files in your Google Drive and it will be instantly available on your Desktop (Windows so far), Smartphones and Tablets.

Google also launched its Music Service, Google Music where users can upload and sync upto 20,000 songs in the cloud. It is unclear whether Google Music, Google Docs and Google Drive will be under the same storage umbrella or they all individually provide separate free storage.