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3 Satellites to be Launched by ISRO on 20th APRIL

ISRO_3D_SARALEarlier in the day ISRO announced three satellites are going to be launched by ISRO on 20th April. The satellites are highly advanced payloads and one of them being a remote sensing device to further bolster India’s eyes in the sky and its capability to deal with natural resources in a better way and to help find new highly prone areas for finding ores.

The launch would be carried out by ISRO’s PSLV also known as the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which is currently being prepared and the progress is going at the desirable pace. The launch vehicle is being assembled at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. This PSLV will launch three satellites namely Resourcesat, Youthsat and X-Sat. The preparation will once be screened by the Launch authorisation board which will congregate on 16th April to see to the preparation and progress and give the green signal for the launch by having a thorough examination of the satellites, launch vehicle and the ground stations.

The most important satellite that will be carried by The PSLV is the Resourcesat-2 which is 1206 kg satellite which would give India the means to better manage their resources. The youthsat on the other hand is the child product of India and Russia joint venture. This baby is a Nano satellite weighing a meagre 96 kg. The X-sat on the other hand falls in the micro satellite category with a weight of 105 Kg having the ability for digital imaging. This satellite is built by Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Launch countdown will start on 18th April but will be launched on April 20 at 10:12 am from Sriharikota spaceport.