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Now Use Translated Search With Google

Google has launched a new "Search Option" where you can search in your own language without actually typing it into your own language. Its called Translated Search. When you search on Google for something in your own language, you can use this tool to search the web in another language. Click "Show Options" at the top of the search results page and select "Translated search" to try it out.

Google will algorithmically select the best language(s) to translate your search query into and then return you translated results from those pages. We'll even display results from multiple languages.

If you are traveling outside India and are not comfortable with other language, you can read reviews, articles in Hindi too. if you search for [restaurant reviews antwerp] while on vacation in France and want to find more reviews or review sites beyond those that are just available in English, select "Translate search" in the "Show Options" panel.

Gogole will automatically select French and Dutch (the languages spoken in Belgium), translate your query into these languages and then translate the results back into English for you to read. If you’d like to search specific languages, just modify the languages in the panel above the results. You can display results for up to five languages at once and select from 51 languages to search.

This feature is not available in India though. So if you were to look for Translated search option in, you will not find it. Its only available in for now ..I am pretty sure they will roll it out for other countries pretty soon though.