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How to find address using reliance cellphone number

Well I don't know how many of you guys use this feature and whether its still available or not but I found it interesting that using Reliance RIM Directory you can find out person's address from its phone number. This is limited to only for Reliance mobile numbers.

Its definitely possible to know another RIM user's no. or the address from a RIM No. I will describe how you can do this using your reliance cellphone.

1. Go to R-World on your handset.
2. Select "R- Guide" or "Guides"
3. Select "RIM Dir"

Scenario:1 Now if you know the RIM number of a person and need to find the address from the number.

  • Select "Name-Address"
  • Type the RIM Number for whose address you are searching for, SAVE
  • Select SEARCH

If the RIM number is listed, it will pop up there.

Scenario 2: If you want to know the RIM number of a person staying in your vicinity

  • Select "Local Number"
  • Type the "Surname" or "First Name" or "Location" of the person
  • Select SEARCH

Try and be very specific in typing the Surname or First Name otherwise you will find tons of results and it would be difficult for you to find out the person you are looking for. For example if you type in only "Raj" it will list thousands of records.

Scenario:3 If you want to know the RIM number of a person staying outside your City

  • select the apt "State"
  • Enter the City name
  • Select the correct City Name
  • and then follow steps of Scenario 2.

Few things to keep in mind

-- If you want to get listed in the directory, you need to call customer support and do that.

-- If you want to remove your information from the directory, you can do so from within your phone. I think there is an option that you can select to unsubscribe you from the directory.

-- If you select to unsubscribe from the directory, you can not get listed back again from within your phone. You need to contact customer support for that.

So give it a try and see what happens.