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Nokia Launches N97 In India - Review - Prices And More

 So the wait is over. Nokia unveiled N97 model in India.

It is no wonder that Nokia is known for its quality and indeed has given some highly reliable and stylish mobile. But now it is into a different arena that is filled with tough competitors like Rim, Apple and Palm. Will Nokia survive and triumph in this battle? Will N97 match HTC’s windows touch mobile? Here is a quick review that analyses the plus and minus of this new smart phone.

Known as the S60 5th edition mobile computer, N97 is targeted towards the younger audience who are thrilled to play high end games and who wants a more feasible connection to the web. The phone a 3.5 inch wider display (3 inches more than it predecessor 5800) and also manages a touch sensitive screen. Though the color and the pixel quality of the display are great, it is indeed resistive and is not the quality one to expect from a market leader. The mobile has a full size Qwerty key board with one the space key not in its correct position. But even this does not seem to win over the keyboards of its counterparts HTC or T-Mobile G1.



Having said about the display and keyboard, it now time to look at the internals of the mobile. Nokia stands high when it comes to technology and design and these are the key aspects that make them still the market leader. Thus N97 is no way down in the technology involved and the mechanics. It is a perfect Nokia product with wide set of features embedded into it. The 5 mega pixel camera is the pick of the lot and will impress any N-series lover with its pixel quality and dual LED flash. The phone also has a good feel in hand with correct key positions as any other Nokia mobile.

Last but not the least, the connectivity. It is the main area targeted by this release and it is the second in the line from Nokia that has a tri-band HSDPA and it is really appealing. This makes the connectivity to mobile broadband very feasible and guarantees high speed internet connectivity. You can now be easily located anywhere in the world with this mobile’s A-GPS features and in-built maps. Some of its other worth mentionable features includes the Bluetooth 2.0, a quad-band EDGE radio, Wi-Fi and an FM transmitter.

The smart phone also does not lag behind in terms of memory and storage. It comes with a memory of 128 MB and with this you can even have the most complex installed easily. N97 also comes with an internal memory of 32-GB that is more than enough for storing your data and music. The music section of this phone is an exact replica of 5800 and it is born to impress the music lovers.

Thus, in a nutshell, N97 lacks the efficient touch screen technology and quality keyboard design. But for this the phone qualifies to be a complete smart phone with its rich feature set. Hope it attracts more and more people with extended support for high-end mobile games and improved connectivity.

Nokia N97 will be available in India for Rs. 35,000. Nokia has also worked out an easy EMI payment system for the Nokia N97. It has partnered with HDFC and Citibank to provide a three-month EMI option at zero per cent interest rate to consumers in select retail outlets across key cities, including Pune.

On the purchase of N97, Vodafone consumers will receive an exclusive free data plan over three months for browsing the Internet services 24X7. N97 winners on Vodafone will also get exclusive access to ‘The Groove,’ a unique lifestyle widget, which provides users live updates on movies, dining out, shopping, clubbing, cultural events as well as sports, said Sinha.