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Startup - Social Network for Music Beginners

ImageOne more beautiful social networking startup site for music niche. If you have just started playing music or started your singing career and want to find audience or want to learn something, here is a nice site for you all., a growing community of musicians from the world over. You can share your music, create your profile or find friends or band members. What I liked about the site is the way they have customized the social networking feature for music. 

Next to each member, it displays the number songs he/she has uploaded and next to those songs, you can just click and play to listen to it. It was pretty neat. I am writing this article and listening to one of those instrumental song composed by Harsha Jade (one of the member at Muziboo).

You can search for songs by tags or by member. The site also has its 24 hour radio which plays songs prepared by the members. You can see different bands or create your own bands, groups etc.

This shows that India has so many talented people and all they need is one platform where they can show their talent. Muziboo is one of those platform for people who are in an initial stage of their music career and can show their talent to the world.

One thing I want to point out though. If you are playing one song and try to play another song, it plays second song without stopping the first one which makes it little messy.

Check out the site {ln:nw: '}. At the most you can listen to some nice songs to relax your mood.