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Make Free Conference Calls In India - SabseBolo

ImageHave you ever used a conference call? Its basically having a meeting over the phone. People from different places can get together over the conference call and have a conversation. Mostly these conference calls are used in business meetings. But now you can have a conference calls with your friends of family for free.

Mr. Sabeer Bhatia's new product called "SabseBolo".com, is providing free conference calls in India. The site is still in Alpha phase. You can use this conference call feature from either landline or mobile phones.

How does it work?

You first need to sign up @ {ln:nw: '}. Once you sign up, you will receive a Conference Dial-In Number, Conference ID and Conference Pin Number. Now you can use this number to join the conference call.

There are still few issues that I would like to point out.

The number is based off of Mumbai. It would have been nice if they can provide a toll free number so that anyone can use this feature without worrying about the long distance calls. 

Those who wants to participate needs to register to use this conference feature. Its not like if you are in a conference call and you realised that you need to invite somebody in this call. 

The conference call time should be fixed. Everyone who wants to join the conference needs to join it at the same time. So this would end up being used for the casual business meetings. I don't think that friends or family can use this feature (Unless you send out emails or notifications about your next conference call date and time).

I haven't used the service yet but will soon use it and write more about it here.


If you are looking for "How to make a 3 way calling?", let me explain it here.

Your should have call waiting and call hold feature enabled in your plan.

1. Lets say you are connected to person "X" on a call.(Either you called "X" or "X" called you)
2. While you are in a call with "X", press the "Call/Talk"(green) button once. You will get a dial tone.
3. Start dialing the number you want to call. Say person "Y"
4. After dialing a number for person "Y", press the "Call/Talk" button once again.
5. Once you hear the ring on Person "Y"s mobile, press "Call/Talk" button once again. (If you are using reliance, you need to press "3" before you press "Talk/Call" button third time.
5. Now you, person "X" and person "Y" will be connected.

So enjoy your free conference calls.