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Music Search Engine Songza - Unlimited Hindi Songs Online for Free


I love to listen songs while I am working and when you have internet, you have no limitations for what to listen and what to not. There are quite a few sites that provides online music for our bollywood movies e.g. and The only proble with those sites is that you have to basically go through so many clicks to find out the song you want to listen and then once you find it, you can play it only if you have those plugins installed on your computer.


Wouldn't it be nice to just search for the songs you like and click to play and listen it then and there. Well our prayers have been answered. Found out this cool and one of the best music site (in years I guess) where you just search the term, get the results and select the song to play.



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One of the features is that you can create your playlist and you can keep adding songs into your playlist. You can rate the song, share it with your friends, embed it on your site and if the song is a video song, you can watch it on All this can be done without leaving one page. No registration is required, no popups. Simply listen songs NOW.


Guys, I just loved this site and I personally recommend it. I think its one of its kind. The site is basically music search engine but with added feature where you can play the song as well. So the site is not limited to only bollywood/Hindi songs. Check it out {ln:nw: '}