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Idea Cellular Selling Smartphones for $110 in 3G Push

IdeaIdea Cellular, India's fourth-biggest mobile phone carrier by subscribers launched two low-cost smartphone models today as it wants to boost the usage of third-generation (3G) wireless data services in a price-driven market. Idea, which is part of India's Aditya Birla group, will sell the smartphones at 5,850 Rupees (id="mce_marker"10) and 7,992 rupees, respectively. Idea will also bundle free data services as an introductory offer.


Facebook to Test Messenger for Windows Desktop Client

facebook-messenger-for-windows-doneFacebook is to test a Messenger for Windows desktop client. Windows 7 is the only version of Microsoft’s operating system that is going to be supported; there is no news yet for Mac and Linux users.Facebook has started testing a Facebook Messenger for Windows desktop client with a restricted group of users, currently in beta. The application which requires Windows 7 provides access to three main Facebook features. They are Facebook Chat, the new Ticker Feed, and Notifications.Messenger for Windows is a new trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on


Best Smartphones on Offer

consumer-reports-226x300You know by now that carrying around a cell phone and a PDA is ineffective. Lighten your load by picking up an all-in-one device. Whether you use it as an organizer, an e-mail device or a cell phone, getting a smartphone is a smart move. Here are the top three picks:


Best Free TV Apps for iPad

Technology continues to advance beyond what anyone could ever conceive before, which is making our everyday lives easier than they have ever been before. Downloading a simple app on your smart phone or tablet gives you a useful tool to save money and enjoy your free time.

You can now watch most of your favorite television shows while you are away from your TV if you download a few apps onto your iPad. Downloading these 6 free apps will allow you to watch hundreds of shows from any location in beautiful high definition on your iPad.


Kindle Fire is the most desired Tablet after iPad

kindle-fire-tabletA study has found that after iPad, Kindle Fire is the most desired tablet. The Kindle Fire is favoured quite heavily among consumers. It has been available for less than a week but already, it has become a highly sought after tablet.


Google Offers Google Music as its New Service Feature

google_musicGoogle Music was launched day before yesterday at a big event in Los Angeles. Google has announced that their service would rival iTunes and will introduce a music store within the Android Market, a music storage space and a platform for independent artists to distribute their music to their fans directly.


2012 BMW 3 Series

BMW_Series_3Does this car still act as a good recipe for the entry level luxury buyer? The Audi A4, Mercedes Benz C-Class, Lexus IS, Infiniti G, Acura TL and Cadillac ATS are all there. The BMW 3 series does hold its place despite not commanding the same attention it once did. Yet, you have to remember that you are somewhat of an icon when you pick up a brand with sales dominance and reputation that have remained intact after almost six generations since 1975.


140 Character Limit of Twitter Hacked

twLengthTwitter’s 140 character limit has been hacked. Twitter customers were stunned when they saw that people have managed to write over nine hundred characters in a tweet when they know that the maximum limit is 140.


Apple Releases Service for Music iTunes Match

Apple_Releases_Service_for_Music_iTunes_MatchApple is releasing new media player program, `iTunes Match’. It is a new version of its media player program, adding the long anticipated scan and match service for music iTunes Match. This feature, which is included in iTunes 10.5.1, can scan the library of a user to find music and match that music to the content available in an iTunes Store.


Five Best Matte Screen LCDs For Bright Rooms

Five_best_matte_screen_LCDs_for_bright_roomsA matte screen finish will give the best picture quality in rooms where it is difficult to control ambient light. Here are five decent matte screen televisions so far this year for people to review and check out:

The Sony KDL-EX720 has accurate color in bright areas and it handles 1080p/24 content adequately.