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Adlabs Agra Launches 6D Movie Theater

ImageNext time when you visit Taj Mahal at Agra, don't forget to visit another tourist attraction from Reliance ADAG group's Adlabs cinema. Adlabs Films, today launched India’s first 6D cinema experience at Agra.

Unlike conventional 2D or 3D movie theatres, AdLabs's 6D theater will allow real three-dimensional images right before audiences' eyes, thus allowing them to simultaneously experience sight, smell, sound, touch, motion and above all – interactivity.

A special half hour film called India in Motion has been specially created within this format wherein well-known Indian actor Anupam Kher takes the audience through India’s evolution from an ancient civilization to a modern nation bustling with activity and abundant with opportunity.

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The ticket for the English show has been priced at Rs.450/-, while for the Hindi one is at Rs. 150/-. India in Motion' is a unique 25 minute six-dimensional show where viewers can not only see the movie, but also experience it through every other sense  sight, smell, sound, touch, motion and above all - interaction.