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Saroo Brierly - Indian Reunites With Family Using Google Earth

Saroo-BrierlyTechnology is not just limited to using cellphones and computers and tablets or those funky gadgets, the true technology revives when it can help save people, reunite family, help people make their lives better. Two years back we saw how a homeless man with golden voice found a job when the video went viral on youtube.

Today, a boy from Calcutta who was separated from his family in a train travel reunited back after 25 years using the help of Google Earth.

Saroo Brierly, a boy slept on a train and missed the station then he lived on the streets of one of India's largest and poorest cities, Calcutta, he then was eventually admitted to an orphanage, got selected for adoption and moved to Tasmania in Australia with his new family.

The memories of his mother and brother kept him awake many nights and he constantly battled to find his true roots. Even though he didn't remember his family's home town, he started playing around with Google Earth's sateline imaging software.

He multiplied the train's likely speed of 40 miles per hour by the 14 hours he remembered spending on the train to Calcutta to narrow down the possibilities. One of them was Khandwa, and the more he zoomed in, the more he recognised familiar scenes from his childhood memories.

He eventually finds his mother who is now in her sixties, his 40 year old brother Kalu, a taxi driver and is happy to have his family back. Check out this Saroo Brierly video below


Click here to listen to Saroo Brierly talking about his journey to reunite with his family. Skip to 15 minutes where the story starts about Saroo Brierly. (Make sure you use Internet Explorer to open up this link)