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Who will buy the iPad 3?

iPad3_IG_600bWho is going to buy the iPad 3 and why? When it is introduced next month, how well will the iPad 3 sell? It is to be seen as to who is going to upgrade and who is going to sit on the sidelines. The official introduction of the iPad 3 is likely to be at the press event on 7th March. iPad 3 is likely to come out with a higher resolution of 2048x1536 retina display. It will be with a one GHz quad core Apple A6 processor and 4G connectivity.

A survey was conducted to understand the reasons behind motivation for people to upgrade to or buy iPad 3. The survey has revealed that the current iPad owners are more likely to purchase the iPad 3 within half a year of its launch.

The top desirable feature in Pad 3 is going to be the 4G connectivity. Equally influential for all would be a more powerful battery. A better camera is also likely to motivate many people. Most of the iPad owners are also looking forward eagerly to the free Apps that will come with the iPad 3. Currently, iPad 2 owners are using more than a dozen free Apps.

iPads are mostly used for playing games, entertainment and social media purposes. They are also used for music and reading books. Angry Birds is by far the favorite App. It is followed in popularity by Facebook, NetFlix and Pandora. About 60% of the iPad owners use it mostly on the living room couch or in bed. The most missed feature on the iPad is Adobe Flash Player.