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Global Pharmacy Role of India is under Threat by the EU Pact

d4baa1da94eb5bd9798132e771fb-grandeIndia’s global pharmacy role could be threatened by the European Union pact as intellectual property protection could close down the world generic drug supply. Activists have taken out a global campaign to call the European Union on its drug policies.  India’s pharmaceutical companies may find it hard to survive under a campaign limiting the generics. This will affect millions of needy patients in the world. The efforts by the European Union and India to strengthen trade are threatening India’s ability to deliver life saving medicines to the poor of the world.

Health industry workers and activists are worried that India may succumb to the European Union demands for strict intellectual property protections and investor guarantees which will affect the world’s generic drug supply.

For HIV alone, India makes more than eighty per cent of the world’s medicines. Indian drug makers are worried about a provision in the agreement on investor lawsuits which will make it easier for international pharmaceutical companies to sue the Indian government, drug manufacturers and distributors. This would dramatically limit Indian production of many life saving drugs or cause prices to rise to such levels that may not be afforded by many people.

The European Union has changed its strategy and has now focused on enforcement by trying to create an intellectual property rights rule that will intimidate generic manufacturers and influence access and availability of drugs. The European Union has, however, informed that it has suggested a clause in the free trade pact to make sure that nothing in the proposed agreement would limit the freedom to produce and export life saving medicines.