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Indian Planning Commission - 12th 5 Year Plan

india-12th-planPeople want change and want their voices to be heard. Well, Indian Planning commission heard your voices this time and want people of India to voice their vote on the 12th five year plan.

The Planning Commission has started the process of preparing an Approach to the 12th Five Year Plan and has for the first time adopted consultation from interested stake holders via the Commission's web-site.

The Planning Commission has launched a website and a facebook page to get the involvement of the citizens of India.

{xtypo_quote}We expect that through our further interactions, we will develop a better understanding of the critical issues to be addressed in the Approach, and later in the Twelfth Plan, to accelerate faster, more inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth.{/xtypo_quote} said the deputy chairman of Planning Commission.

If you want to vote your voice, check out the Indian 12th Five Year Plan website and the 12th Plan Facebook Page.