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Mumbai Police Will Help You Locate Your Lost Or Stolen Mobile

The picture that you are looking at is a picture taken by Mumbai Mirror showing the lady who recovered her lost mobile with two police constables of Pydhonie Police station Nitin Palande (l) and Ramchandra Rane, who helped locate her high-end cellphone.

Mumbai Police launched its website, which gives right of information to the people of Mumbai. Mumbai Police Website gives an interface to file your complains, file for missing person, file for lost or stolen vehicles, online complain forms and other statistics.

Everyone thinks that Mumbai Police doesn't do anything for the lost or stolen mobile phones but you need to read this story to believe me that Mumbai Police just changed their images in people's mind with this incident.

Ganguly lost the phone and suspected that he was pick-pocketed in the train. “The phone was worth Rs 22,000 but, more importantly, I had vital data stored in it. I thought I’d never get it back,” said Ganguly.

A couple of days later, Ganguly stumbled upon the Mumbai police Web site ( On the homepage she saw a button that said: ‘Contact Us, complaints, feedback, suggestions’. Curious, she probed further and found she could lodge a complaint here as well. She sent a detailed mail to the email IDs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) listed on the site. “I just did it for the heck of it,” she said.

She was pleasantly surprised when a constable from Pydhonie Police Station visited her the next day and noted details of how her phone was lost and the IMEI number.

Senior Inspector Shamsher Khan Pathan of Pydhonie police formed a team comprising constables Nitin Palande and Ramchandra Rane, under the supervision of PI Gulabrao More, to trace the phone.

Palande said, “We asked all service providers to inform us if any sim was activated on the IMIE number. On August 14, a service provider informed us that a Reay Road businessman was using the phone. He handed over the phone when we told him it belonged to someone else, and said he had bought it for Rs 8,000. We returned the phone to Ganguly. As no FIR was lodged, we couldn’t look for the man who sold it to the businessman.”

Ganguly said, “I was thrilled when police called to say they found my phone... I’ve always been told that police don’t care about looking for cellphones. But this incident has changed the image of the police in my mind. They not only found my phone, but were very courteous. I never knew the police Web site was so useful.”

{xtypo_alert}Updates: People.. Please Please don't put your cellphone numbers or contact numbers here.. You don't know how anyone can misuse it against you. This site is only to provide you information.... You need to file a compaint in the Mumbai Police station or Mumbai Police website..{/xtypo_alert}