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Indian Rs 500 Laptop On Display

Indians challenged the $100 "One Laptop Per Child" program and announced the launch of Rs.500 (~$10) laptop about three years ago. Looks like the time has come to display that Rs.500 laptop to the world. The prototype of Rs.500 Laptop with 2 GB RAM capacity, would be on display in Tirupati on February 3.

The $10 laptop is the result of work put in by students of Vellore Institute of Technology, scientists in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IIT-Madras and involvement of PSUs like Semiconductor Complex

“At this stage, the price is working out to be $20 but with mass production it is bound to come down,” {ln:nw: 'R P Agarwal}. There are {ln:nw: 'speculations} about this laptop though whether that is just a fantasy or India can really pull this Rs.500 laptop off?

credit: {ln:nw: 'The Hindu}

I can't wait to see Rs.500 laptop on display. Most probably the laptop will be some kind of a netbook with linux operating system and few open source softwares that can be used to access internet etc.

It can be charged with a two-watt power input and has a two GB memory which can be enhanced. The configuration can be upgraded. The government will not subsidise the device, it has already invested in its development. "It will have the capability to project on a screen," RP Agarwal, Secretary Higher Education, {ln:nw: 'says}

Updates; According {ln:nw: 'to} The Hindu

The 10” long and 5” wide hand-held device, resembling a palmtop or a modem, helps e-learners access the Web easily. Priced versions of e-content available on the Net can be accessed through this device.

The cost of the device shot up to between $20 and $30 against the initial plan to peg it at $10, forcing the department to resort to a cost-cutting exercise. R.P. Agarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, who displayed the prototype to the delegates, expressed confidence that the cost would be brought down further.