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Infographics - Growth Of Mobile Internet Usage In India

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mobile-internet-usage-indiaCarrying around a laptop, tablet or smartphone may be a normal part of daily life for many, an action given little second thought and devoid of personal analysis. This is because these mobile devices have become so ingrained in society that they are hardly questioned.

It is important to look deeper, however, in order to determine technological and social trends that will define us for years to come. This helpful infographic about the growth of mobile Internet use in India is thus a useful visualization of data that can begin a conversation as to the future of Internet usage for businesses, students and families alike.


Narendra Modi Brings Holographic Technology In Gujarat - First In India!!

narendra-modi-holographic-technologyNarendra Modi, a man behind Gujarat's leap frog in development and technology is known to utilize technology at its fullest. Gujarat and its people know this very well that Gujarat is now a talk of the nation because of Narendra Modi. When I was growing up, I remember the national news telecast wouldn't even mention anything about Gujarat. People in other states consider Gujarat as "somewhere around Mumbai".  That has changed since Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat

He was the first to have a live video conferencing with Gujaratis in USA during the Akhil Gujarat Sammelan in New Jersey. And today he has brought the holographic technology in India.


Online Deals In India With Google Great Online Shopping Festival

india-12-12-12-shopping-festivalIndians in general are known for bargaining. We Indians bargain everything. Negotiation is in our blood. We negotiate with cabs, restaurant bills, produce and what not. So when it comes down to shopping, we love discount prices. And who doesn't?

Well, Google has partenered with India's online merchants to bring a 24 hour mega shopping bonanza that promises you the best deals and discounts that you can find on the web on a single day. Great Online Shopping Festival


Shivaji 3D - First Indian Movie With Dolby Atmos

sivaji 3d 12-12-12 release with Dolby atmosShivaji aka Sivaji, a Rajnikanth's 2007 blockbuster hit movie is gearing up for its 3D release on December 12 2012. AVM Studios have taken a lot of efforts to conver the original movie into a 3D movie. The studios have spent the last few years in converting the movie from its original format.

The coolest thing about the Sivaji 3D is that the movie will release on Rajnikanth's birthday on December 12th 2012 and it will also represent the unique date as 12-12-12. This will be the first movie to release in Dolby Atmos.


How To Watch Country Specific Content From Anywhere

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unotelly-premium-channels-freeWith the internet getting into more and more people's computer, information is right at your fingertips. There are about more than a billion people using facebook everyday and about the same people using Youtube to watch their favorite videos online.

But there are always those country specific content that is blocked for users outside those countries. Ever wanted to watch an online video from CBS or BBC iPlayer, only to find it’s only available to those people living in the United States or UK? Well, here is a neat little solution that will solve your problems and open up your computer to millions of videos and web services from all over the world


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