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Information Madness

How to Erase Sensitive Data from your Computer

laptopWhen you use your computer, you build up a large amount of personal information. In case of giving your computer away or selling it, erasing the personal information from your computer would be advisable. There are many ways to get that done. You can format your computer or depend on third party software. Formatting would most probably be sufficient in erasing that personal information.


Eggxactly Will Toast Your Eggs

originalA British designer has made a device that will cook an egg and you do not require any water for doing that. Eggxactly will serve as a toaster for eggs. Conventional method of boiling an egg requires a pot of water and fire or steam. With this device, you can boil the egg directly without any requirement of water.


Facebook Celebrates its Ninth Birthday

Facebook-9th-birthdayFacebook turned nine years old today. The world’s largest social networking site began on 4th February 2004. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg in his sophomore year at Harvard. He had tried to launch the site earlier in 2003 and was going to call it `Facemash’ but Harvard University administration did not allow it as he had procured information by hacking into the university administration records for the site.


Gmail Users in India can Start to Hangout Now

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GmailIf you are using Gmail in India, you can start to Hangout. It is going to be fun with friends. The Google+ Hangouts have been extended by Google to all Gmail users in India. Google has made the announcement in its official Indian blog and has informed that the Gmail users can now initiate a one-to-one video chat with other Gmail users. They will be able to add up to nine users at a time once they sign up for Google’s social networking site, Google+.


The Buzz around BlackBerry 10

blackberry-10-phones-promo-leaked-0It looks like Research In Motion has created a huge buzz in the world of communication and among their staunch loyalists last week with the launch of their new devices, BlackBerry 10 models. RIM is going ahead with the Indian apps developer community to build feature rich apps. Will this move resurrect the company in a market which has been recently dominated by Android models and Apple designs?


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