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Finding Your Match at Canoodle

canoodlePeople hesitated viewing the online dating sites few years ago. It was not the topic of conversation with everyone. Despite that, many people were visiting those online dating sites. Online dating was considered like meeting a person at a bar a generation ago. Whatever the case may be, it was too tempting to be ignored.


Zero Day Java Exploit

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java-7-The Chief Security Officer at Facebook has given some latest information in an exclusive interview. The report is that Facebook computers have been compromised by Zero-Day Java exploit. It has been discovered that some systems belonging to the Facebook engineers have been hacked by means of a zero-day Java attack which ended up installing some previously unknown malware.


Mercedes Benz A Class has been Declared as the most Beautiful Car of the Year 2012

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Mercedes Benz A Class has been Declared as the most Beautiful Car of the Year 2012The A Class hatchback of Mercedes Benz has been named the most beautiful car of last year. It is now scheduled to be launched in the Indian markets somewhere in May this year. It is going to compete with BMW X1 and Audi A3.


Sophisticated Hacking Attacks have taken place on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook-become-target-of-sophisticated-hacking-groupSophisticated hacking attacks have taken place on Facebook and Twitter. Apple iPhone users have also got their pass codes bypassed. Facebook has revealed that it has been a target of a vicious hacking attack by a set of people who have taken advantage of a loophole in the system of Facebook which has not been known to many. The social networking website is consoling its users that their personal information has not been compromised in this hacking coup.


Samsung has Launched the Rex Phones in India

Samsung has announced the launch of its Rex range of feature phones. These phones will be sold as `Samsung Rex’ brand. The models are REX 60, REX70, REX 80 and REX 90. They are priced at a range of Rs. 4, 280 to Rs. 6, 490.

SamsungRexLaunchThese Rex series range phones have been specially developed for the Indian market. Samsung has announced that it considers the Rex series as a means to expand their exposure and appeal in the Indian phone market. These phones are going to target the young crowd exclusively. Samsung is going to introduce these products after some time in USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle east and China.


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