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Consumer Will Be The Collateral Damage With The Case Between Apple And Samsung

2____387243.pngThe Apple and Samsung war will hurt the consumers as well as the economy. The consumers will realize this and take out their wrath on both these companies after the result of the patent trial. This is like an intellectual property war. Their federal courtroom tussle is going to continue for another month.


Building A Private Social Network For Your Employees

enterprise_social_networkCompanies need a social network platform badly for their employees to motivate collaboration and innovation among them. It is not at all difficult. Humans can land on the moon and send exploratory rover cars to Mars. Speaking of which, NASA launched its internal network called SpaceBook three years ago for its workers to go online any time they felt like to get feedback and learn from the experiences of others to collaborate on various projects in order to get to know each other better. But about a month ago, NASA terminated that network.


Smartphones To Save You From Accidents

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2____387243.pngThe mobile phone that you carry will be able to save you one day from being knocked over by vehicles while you are crossing the road. General Motors is working on a smartphone app which will let pedestrians and cyclists warn a car driver automatically once they get close to the car.


Slate 7 brings HP back into the Tablet Scene

HP_Slate_7Hewlett Packard is back on to the tablet scene with its Slate 7. This is the maiden Android tablet offered by HP. The company has an edgy history pertaining to the tablets. Its first tablet entry into this highly competitive market failed to create an impact.


No Further Fare Hike in Rail Budget

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rail5_1361862362_540x540It is perhaps the biggest news of the day for many people in India apart from the eight wicket victory over Australia by the Indian cricket team earlier today. The Rail Budget has announced that there will be no hike in the rail fares and that comfort and safety of the passengers will be assured on top priority basis.


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