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iOS7: Fresh but Familiar

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Apple has finally stopped its stubbornness and has finally adopted the many practical features found in other OS (mainly Android) to improve usability.

It’s about time they did, because while Android was breaking ground with Jellybean, Apple’s iOS felt like it stagnated and was not really innovative anymore. Add the Apple Maps mishap and you have an OS that has disappointed a lot of its users.

Enter the iOS 7. This new OS from Apple feels new and fresh but remains familiar at the same time.


Print From Your Android To Any Network Enabled Printer

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Smartphones are now outnumbering computers. People are more used to using smartphones for quick tasks such as browsing and finding information on mobile phones than the laptops or desktops.

But there are times when you see something that you want to quickly print from your smartphone but you can't. For that you have to go to a computer. Not anymore. Google Cloud Print has officially hit the Android Play store that can allow you to print from within your smartphone to any of your network connected printer.


Disable Auto Download Image In Latest WhatsApp

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I like WhatsApp application. Its the most convenient and easy to use application for group messaging and sharing videos and pictures with family, friends, coworkers. But recently the latest update in WhatsApp removed an option that allows me to enable/disable the auto download feature for images. That annoys me the most because every image that is being shared with you now shows up in your Photo gallery.

So how to disable auto download image in WhatsApp? Check out the instructions below that will bring back the option that will allow you to enable/disable the auto download of images.



Google Developing Its Own Fiber Network

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Google Developing Its Own Fiber Network

It is a service that has been long awaited. It is now ready to enter the beta stage. All Google services and products go through the beta stage. Google Fiber was launched in Kansas City yesterday. It will give people the option of extreme internet speeds and a new television service.


BoxTv.com Falsly Advertising Live IPL Streaming?

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Have you ever used BoxTV? BoxTV is an instant streaming service from a Times Group, a Times Internet Venture.

They started out last year and provide unlimited streaming of hollywood and bollywood content for $4.99/month


FPGAs Are The Future Of Supercomputing

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Xilinx-Virtex-7-FPGA-348x196Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) may soon become the future of password cracking and supercomputing. They are dynamic silicon chips that are being used for extreme speed in particular operations. FPGAs are loaded with logic blocks which are wired together with switches or interconnects laid out on silicon like other chips. There is a small quantity of memory in the form of SRAM or an anti-fuse for each programmable element.


Workspace Can Be Created At The Back Of Your Monitor

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mediumYou can make a workspace belt at the back of your monitor.  You can turn the back of your computer monitor to look like a workspace utility station. The back portion of the desktop monitor is actually wasted space in many cases. Some systems have even more cluttered spaces as there are many cables coming out of all sides. If you think about it, there are many ways that you can use this space as a little utility area for organized storage.


iPhone Turns Into A Scanner With iPICS2GO

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ipics2go-iphone-scannerIf you have an iPhone, you can do many things with it. Ion Audio, with their new device iPICS2GO, has made the iPhone more useful. iPICS2GO is a slide, photo and negatives scanner for iPhone 4/4S. It is a great idea to use a device that can help a phone to do the work of a bulkier and more expensive scanner machine.


Cheapest iPhone In The World

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iPhoneAmpAircel of India will offer what is possibly the cheapest iPhone. This is going to be a pleasant surprise for many people as currently Airtel is offering the 3GS iPhone at Rs.20, 908. Aircel has cut down the iPhone 3GS price to $180 or Rs.9, 999. This pricing will make the iPhone 3GS the cheapest iPhone available anywhere in the world although this same phone is available for free on a contract in the United States of America as far as ownership total cost is concerned.


iOS More Lucrative Than Android For Ads

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hwz4a9An Opera Software study has reported that Apple’s iOS is delivering more revenue per ad impression to content publishers over any other mobile operating system in the last quarter. Advertisers are ready to pay more for ads on the iPad and the iPhone than any Android or other system as iOS remains more lucrative.


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