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12 Tips to Guard Against Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

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cell_phone_radiation_and_towerWhat's in the air around us, unseen by anyone? Many things exist without us being aware of them, but have you ever thought or realized that one of the worst culprits is cell phone radiation? It's something we cannot see, smell or be aware of, yet many people are wary of it.

Cell Phones And Electromagnetic Fields

Cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or EM radiation. I am electronically sensitive myself so I can actually feel the radiation. There are a lot of studies, more than 2,000 in fact which show the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health. The World Health Organization has highlighted the danger of these devices by underlining the possible link with cancer and San Francisco has recently passed a law requiring a label to be put on cell phones stating their radiation levels.


Afforestation Hardly Reduce Carbon Emissions: Study

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GreenProposal to adapt Afforestation is not really solving the problem of Global warming, according to new published study. Earlier in the Kyoto Protocol, nations had signed the climate treaty to give rise the Afforestation. Afforestation was the only solution at that time to cut carbon emissions. This adaptation is actually thinning the entire issue instead of reducing Carbon dioxide ratio or emissions cut.


Indian Firms Receive Green Oscar

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GREENIt’s high time for Indian community across the globe that two Indian firms have won the prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, which is also known as “Green Oscar".  Green Oscar is given to those firms across the globe for Green competency & policies.


Live Lunar Eclipse On Youtube

live-lunar-eclipseIf you are looking to watch the Live Lunar Eclipse, you still have few more hours left. The full moon is getting the longest and deepest total lunar eclipse in more than a decade. you can watch it now live on YouTube.

The SLOOH "space camera," a robotic teslecope in the Canary Islands, is providing this live feed, with commentary, via Google's YouTube video site until 6 p.m. ET


China Overtakes US on Energy Consumption: Report

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US CHINASo here the moment comes when Economies shaking their ties & crossing the limits to overtaken each other. Similarly in terms of energy based consumers, China has overtaken the United States as the world’s new biggest energy consumer. According to news sources from AP, China has recently taken leap in the energy consumption.