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Operate Motor Pump Using Your Mobile

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Now a days, mobile is not only used for talking to somebody. People are coming up with new innovative ideas to use mobile phones. You can Turn your Windows Mobile Phone Into Wi-Fi Router, you can make Payments with your mobile, you can Convert your cell phone into BlackBerry etc.

One company in Pune has come up with a nice idea to operate motor pumps using mobile phones. {ln:nw: 'Remote Data Exchange}, Pune have come up with a solution called Jai Kisan. Jai Kisan is a Hi-tech, Ultra low cost device which is India┬┤s only device for use of controlling Motor Pumps from any location.

The way it works is, Motor Pump is connected to an auto start, autostart is connected to Jai Kisan Device. One mobile is kept near Jai Kisan device which can trigger the motoro pump to start and stop. A person has to just call to Mobile kept near Motor pump and press his code to Start or Stop the Motor. He can also know weather power is present or not.

The question here is, who would charge the mobile that is kept near the Jai Kisan Device? In the country where there are millions of stolen mobile phone cases, how can it be protected?