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Indian Institute of Science buys IBM SuperComputer

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Bangalore based Indian Institute of Science has just purchased a supercomputer from IBM.This supercomputer will be used for high-end research projects.

The full Blue Gene/L machine was designed and built in collaboration with the Department of Energy's NNSA/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, and has a peak speed of 360 Teraflops. Blue Gene systems occupy the #1 (Blue Gene/L) and #3 (Blue Gene Watson) positions in the TOP500 supercomputer list announced in November 2006 and a total of 27 of the top 150. 


"The four-rack supercomputer being bought would be the largest outside Japan," according to Dr C. Mohan, Chief Scientist, IBM India, speaking at the India Innovation Summit organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the city. The price per rack of IBM's machine is about $2 million. (The Hindu)

Blue Gene/L supercomputer is unique in the following aspects:

  • Trade the speed of processors for low power consumption.
  • Dual processor per node with two working modes: co-processor (1 user process/node: computation and communication work is shared by two processors) and virtual node (2 user processes/node)
  • system-on-a-chip design
  • a large number of nodes (scalable in increments of 1024 up to at least 65,536)
  • three-dimensional torus interconnect with auxiliary networks for global communications, I/O, and management
  • Lightweight OS per node for minimum system overhead (computational noise) (WikiPedia)

You can see more pictures about this supercomputer at IBM's website.