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Information Madness

Launch of New Surface Pro

surface-3The new commercial has been launched for the Surface Pro with break dancing and beat boxing in Las Vegas. Four months ago, Microsoft had launched its first Surface television ad and now it has come back with a second advertisement. This was aired during the Grammy awards program and it featured a focus on the pen input for Microsoft’s latest tablet.


Bigger Is Not Always Better in Televisions

panasonics_145_inchBigger is not always better when it is concerning selection of television screens. The screen range available today is from thirty two inches to one hundred and fifty inches. But what is best for you does not depend on the size of the television screen; it depends on the size of your room.


How do you fine tune the Privacy Settings for Facebook Graph Search?

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tech_graph241You may like Facebook’s new Graph Search if you can tolerate your personal exposure in public. But what makes it fascinating is the manner in which it is set up to allow the users to mix and match the search terms to make new discoveries for themselves.


Simple Method of removing unwanted Apps from your Computer

how-to-remove-unwanted-programs-image1540-580x358You need one more app to help you knock off apps that you do not require on your computer. This simple method is called `Should I remove it?’. This is developed by Reason Software. A new computer is nowadays always packed with several apps that you do not require. This kind of clutter piles up on your PC particularly if you are browsing through screens while getting a new program installed. Some of these are linked with third party code as part of a sponsorship agreement. As a result, several toolbars will settle down in your browser even if you do not require their service.


Access to Bang with Professionals shut down by LinkedIn

linkedin_developersLinkedIn shuts down its application programming interface access to `Bang with Professionals’ which is a web service meant to facilitate more intimate connections among the users of the business oriented social networking site.


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