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Internet Rates To Go Up

145641194_1361180302_540x540The Department of Telecommunications has started charging high entry fees and the internet service providers are going to raise the internet and broadband services rates with the new license framework.


America is Successfully Pulling the Wool Over the Eyes of the World

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China alone holds some $895 billion of US treasury bonds. All the countries in the world have to keep US dollars for the simple reason that almost all international trade including the oil trade is conducted in USD currency.


Nokia reducing the Lumia Prices in India

Nokia_Lumia_620_03Nokia has announced that it will lower the prices of its Lumia smartphones that have a Windows platform in an effort to make them accessible at affordable rates to the Indian consumers. This may apply to the Middle East and African regions also. The customers in these regions buy their phones through the open-distribution model system which is not controlled by an operator. This rethinking in pricing took place at Dubai during the Nokia Media Roundtable Conference.


Office 2013 Licenses Cannot be Transferred to Other Computers

Microsoft has confirmed that the Office 2013 licenses are not transferable to other computers. It is not a secret any more that the Office 2013 copies are now bound to a single computer. Microsoft has asserted that the license of the software cannot be reassigned to another personal computer as it was earlier possible with the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Now, the software cannot be transferred to another machine even if the original is lost, stolen or destroyed.


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