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Volkswagen To Make The Most Aerodynamic Production Car

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volkswagen-xl1-8Volkswagen is preparing to make the most fuel efficient aerodynamic production car in the world. About four years ago, there was lot of talk about 230 mpg ratings and then Nissan leaf and Chevy Volt came on to the scene. But Nissan could achieve 99 mpg/e and Chevy could achieve 60 mpg. Now, Volkswagen is claiming that its XL 1 will be capable of 261 mpg as per the European cycle.


How To Remotely Control Your Android Device

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android-remote-loginEver since the smartphones have taken over the traditional desktops and laptops, technology geeks are more and more serious about the usability of the mobile OS and push the mobile OS limits to its fullest.

You may have heard about remotely controlling your computer  (PC/Mac or Linux) but here is a neat little application that will actually allow you to remotely control your Android device. I am not kidding.


Setting Picture Passwords on Windows 8

picturepassword1Microsoft has given the options for creating picture passwords with the Windows 8 operating system. This can be done with the help of a mouse or on touch screens. It is an innovative alternative as an option to the password system. Most Windows 8 users are not even aware of such a feature.


What Do You Do With Your Broken or Old Mobile Phone?

mobile-management-customer-serviceWhat do you do when you break your mobile phone accidentally? It can happen to any of us. You may purchase an Apple iPhone and within few days, you drop it on a concrete floor and crack its pristine screen. It breaks your heart as you cannot read the text or the numbers on the phone properly. There will be a tendency on your part to act frustrated. Some people may immediately shop for a replacement and buy another new phone if they have extra money in their wallets. But the question remains; what do you do with your broken and old mobile phone?


Samsung Announces its Notebook Sized Tablet

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Exynos5_Dual-0When Samsung took out its 10.1 inch Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, people called it too big. Then it took out the 5.5 inch Galaxy Note II, then people called it too small to be a tablet and too big for a phone. Now, Samsung has announced Galaxy Note 8.0 and it has a feeling that it may just be the right size for people to be satisfied. It is a pen-equipped tablet. This Notebook type tablet has an eight-inch screen and a stylus.


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