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What Can The Kids Do In London During Your Olympics Visit?

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When you visit London this year with the kids, it has lot to offer for children of all ages. There are many attractions for them like the London Eye, royal gardens and several iconic palaces. These places may not be too heavy on your wallet. Many attractions in London during the Olympics promotions this year are going to be free and fun.

When taking a break from the Olympics, you can take your kids to the Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s dwelling. It will be open to tourists from 31st July which will be the third day of the Olympics. Apart from the Buckingham Palace, London has castles and stately homes for a promotional visit almost every week in a year.

Kids may lap up the gory stories and the history at the Tower of London and its vast collection of swords, armour suits and war axes. Little girls may enjoy the Princess of Wales Exhibition at Kensington Palace where the tragic life story of Princess Diana will be told along with the exhibits of several of her famous dresses.

There is enchantment for children of all ages at Henry VIII’s Tudor Palace at Hampton Court where they will be thrilled by the medieval maze and the scintillating gardens. There are also many interesting family attractions by the Thames River. The London Eye is a Ferris wheel which is over four hundred feet high, right across the Houses of Parliament. The wheel moves rather slowly and the kids can hop on or off any time. The view of London City from its highest point is exhilarating.

The British Museum is another gallery with invaluable exhibits. It is probably the most interesting museum in the world. Hyde Park has been selected as the place to host the triathlon and the ten-kilometre open-water swimming event at the Olympics this year.