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Watch Transit Of Venus Live Online

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Imagine a black dot on a yellow light bulb. That's exactly how it would look like when Venus will pass between the axis of Sun and Earth. The event is so intense that watching it with your naked eyes can burn your retinas and eventually ruin your eyes.

There are plenty of safe welding goggles for Solar Eclipse available online but nothing can beat the experience of watching Transit of Venus Online for free

Transit of Venus is surely an event of the century. The first time it happened in 2004. The next Transit of Venus is today and the time after that will be all the way forward in the year 2117. So here is your chance to watch it live online.

NASA has brought multiple ways to view this historic astronomical event online. NASA has put up around 11 live webcast feeds of Transit of Venus online. One of them is available for India at IAO, Hanle, Ladakh. You can visit the following websites for live Venus Transit feeds or visit Youtube to watch recorded event.

Transit of Venus will be broadcast live at the CCSSC website or at NASA’s stream collection. The entire transit will start at 9:45pm UTC (11:45am local Hawaiian time or 5:30pm IST) and will go until it’s done!.

You can check out one of the live feed below.


If the above video doesn't work, click on one of the following links to watch live coverage of Venus Transit 2012.