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Visiting Venice in Winter

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You do not need to be too inspired to visit Venice in any season. The magic of Venice does not need a reminder. It is a popular destination all the year round but winter is probably the ideal time to visit this great city if you want to do without a crowd around you.

There is a risk of high water tide with acqua alta but the floods do not take place every day. This happens only for a few hours, particularly in the area around St. Mark’s Square which is the lowest point in Venice. When you step on to the streets of Venice, you will be transported into another world. It is as if everything has been placed there specifically to create an atmosphere, right from the mystic fog that engulfs the narrow dark alleyways to the colourful masks that peer at you from shop windows.

You have to remember to pack good waterproof shoes and lot of warm clothes to walk in the morning mists that surrounds the whole city. Winter in Venice brings cold temperature and icy winds from the Mediterranean. You can enjoy the Gondola rides, the quiet streets, the misty alleys and a cup of hot chocolate.

You can wander alongside liquid black canals and across the numerous bridges and you will realize that Venice in winter is probably one of the most beautiful places to be in the world. It is like an Italian winter wonderland. Winter time is the best time to save money with budget hotels in Venice.

Visiting Venice out of season has its own extra special charm. You can spend hours walking through the spectacular interlaced bridges. The Venetians may get surprised as they are used to seeing most tourists come there during summer months to laze on the Lido or bask in the sunshine in St. Mark’s Square.

You can glide in a Gondola in any canal. Gondolas are an unmistakable part of Venice. You can sit by the Square all evening and breathe in the aromas of Venice while watching the watery silence. You will fall in love with Venice.