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Top 5 World-Class Stag Do Getaways

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It’s your last chance (well, perhaps) to enjoy the bachelor life and your stag do should be memorable. There is an incredible selection of suitable destinations for serious partying. Unfortunately, you can’t hit them all. But you can hook up your friends and hope they’ll soon need their own event, which you will cheerfully volunteer to organize.

There are many groups of destinations that may hold special appeal for you. Many opt for the mysteries of the orient, while others prefer to party where they know the rules. The Baltic States have gained great credentials as the place for unwinding. You may love to gamble, play golf or sleep away the day and tour the nightspots. You can plan the event yourself, but you will not only save money by choosing a stag do package but also be assured the husband-to-be enjoys the best weekend of his life.

So without further ado, the top five spots for your stag do, in no particular order.



Hey, that doesn’t sound very exotic. Don’t worry. London bashes are legendary. There is an incredible choice of activities. During the day you can try your hand at Paintball, Quads, Karting and Clay Shooting. But it is the nightlife that makes London the ideal destination for bachelors to enjoy their last rites. Bar crawls, strip clubs, club hopping, and comedy clubs offer multiple venues for your evenings of debauchery. There is no shortage of nightspots where the flesh is flashed, but make sure the check is cashed. London can be pricey.


Bangkok: the heart of the mysterious orient and the sex capital of the known world. During the day you can enjoy a foreign culture where you’ll experience complete sensory overload. Temples, winding roads and vast crowds of people bargaining in the teeming markets will engage all your senses. At night the maze of bars, strip clubs and open hedonism will astound you. Partying in Bangkok is cheap and incredibly visible everywhere you turn. From the moment you arrive your senses will be engaged to the maximum level with the amazing sights sounds, and smells.


There’s no reason to limit the available choices -- you’ll have plenty of limits soon enough. Dubai has gained reputation as a great stag getaway for a weekend of incredible adventure. The desert golf courses offer sun and landscaped grounds abutting the sandy landscape. The courses are new and beautifully maintained for the pleasure of the fun-loving set. The city is dedicated to providing the best in entertainment options for travellers from around the world. Enjoy great luxury in the pristine resorts, gamble to your heart’s content, experience incredible nightlife or sign up for a desert safari.

New York

New York sets the standard by which all other stag dos are judged. The city offers incredible club options for any taste virtually 24-hours a day. Bars close at 4:00 AM, but that never stopped anyone in New York. Parties are just relocated to the after-hours club. Enjoy a Broadway show or head downtown for some experimental theatre in the Village. You can find a club to suit any taste with up-market, Yuppie bars, alternative music, strip clubs or whatever floats your boat.

Las Vegas

Vegas is the ultimate bachelor’s venue with gambling, shows, and over-the-top attractions that will send you off to matrimony in style. And nobody will ever breathe a word because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You can enjoy some great deals on meals and drinks, but be careful. They’re designed to loosen your inhibitions, should you actually possess any. Vegas is sin city, so a trip to the strip club is mandatory. Just make sure you don’t wind up in some 24-hour wedding chapel marrying the wrong woman.

Blake Sanders writes at leisure site Redseven and specializes in unforgettable stag weekends and bachelor parties abroad.


Note: Photo courtesy of russelljsmith via FlickR Creative Commons.