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10 Places to Visit Before it is too late

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Environmentalists have been warning us again and again about the impact certain places may have that will make their existence difficult in the days to come. We are lending a deaf ear to that. It is perhaps time to speed up with your travel plans, if any, to these places as these nature’s blessings may just not be there sometime in the future. Ten places are threatened. These places may just disappear before you plan your trips to them.

  1. The Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley, which is therapeutically a wonder of the world, has shrunk by about a third of its size in the last forty years.
  2. The Valley of Kings in Egypt is also in danger as the rise in tourism and the damaging fungi are eroding the ancient tombs there.
  3. The Maldives is the lowest nation on Earth. The islands are situated just eight feet above the sea level and the islands are sinking at a rapid pace because of the meltdown of ice caps from global warming.
  4. The Everglades in the United States of America which are vast wetlands are being threatened by farming and water diversion and they have reduced already by half their original size.
  5. Olympia in Greece, which has been the home for the Olympic Games, is being threatened by wildfires and continuous hot summers.
  6. Venice has been sinking for a long time due to rising sea levels and increased flooding and the woodwork in most of the canal buildings is not making things easy for the city.
  7. The Arctic Pole has decreased as the ice is melting on account of oil and gas explorations and the pole is decreasing by about three per cent per decade.
  8. The Antarctic Pole is also decreasing because of the global warming on account of mining explorations and the sewage that has been dumped and discharged into the sea along with such rubbish that cannot be decomposed for many years.
  9. Taj Mahal, another wonder of the world, in India, is facing swift extinction because of the continuous corrosion of its facade by the extreme pollution in the neighbourhood and its wooden based foundations for the mausoleum make it prone to threat of collapse.
  10. Amazon Rainforests are known as the lungs of the world as they produce almost twenty per cent of the world’s oxygen by themselves. They are the world’s largest tropical rainforests. They are also being threatened by explorations in oil and gas and mining, resulting in heavy pollution.