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Speeding Up Rail Travel by Boarding a Moving Train

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A designer who is the Director of the British design group `Priestman Goode’, Paul Priestman, has come up with a futuristic solution for speeding up rail travel; he does not want to change the engines or the tracks; he wants to get rid of the stations.

He is determined to take rail transport into the next level in this twenty first century. He is the man behind the Moving Platforms Concept, which he believes could revolutionize the rail industry. The idea is to have a city-wide network of trams that travel in a loop and connect with a high-speed rail service.

Instead of passengers having to get off the tram at a rail station and wait for the next one to arrive, the moving tram would dock with a moving train, allowing passengers to cross between tram and train without either vehicle stopping. The trams speed up and the high-speed train slows down and they join, so they dock at high speed. They stay docked for the same amount of time that it would stop at a station. There are big and wide doors; they are all the same level so you can go easily between the two vehicles without hurrying. Then, when everyone's done that, the doors shut and then the trains separate and the tram then goes back into the city or town and picks up more passengers and drops off passengers.

Instead of using paper tickets to pass through a barrier, passengers would use an RFID (radio-frequency identification) system to transfer from tram to train. Similar systems that let passengers scan pre-paid smartcards are already in use on many public transport networks.

This idea is a farfetched thought for the future but it would be brilliant to just evaluate and re-think the whole process of how we travel.