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India’s Premier Portal Devoted Solely to Land and Plots

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Plotplots1 is the first website designed in India that is dedicated as a portal for land and plots acquisition. You can explore all the States of India as the portal covers:

  • Residential plots fully laid out
  • Bungalow or cottage plots
  • Villa plots
  • Farmhouse plots
  • Commercial plots
  • Industrial plots
  • Agricultural land

Its aim is to be the favoured resource available for buyers, sellers, brokers and estate agents in terms of land and plots.

It provides all necessary and comprehensive information in a systematic manner to allow you to assess, compare and evaluate offers for land and plots. The information is provided with a state-wise and city-wise breakdown. Should a seller not find the area of his or her plot listed on the site, he or she can send an eMail to that effect to the customer support team who will interact with third party sellers in that particular area to try and secure offers and that will be featured on the portal in the ‘Others’ section.

Real estate is one of Indian economy’s most vital sectors as property investment has been rather popular among investors. The buyers have been reasonably well rewarded with returns ranging anywhere from 125% to 300% in the recent past.

‘’ is a part of Zenin Technologies and is run by a team of experienced engineering and marketing professionals. The team also carries a huge reputation of maintaining very high standards of service and dependability, promising high customer satisfaction.


 The process is simple and easy to follow. Buyers have to fill the registration form and activate it by clicking the link that is provided to them through eMail. Registration is required to get the sellers’ contact details. At the same time, the sellers also have to fill the registration form and activate it by clicking the link. They need to register to submit their offers to the portal.  By means of access to their respective ‘accounts’, the buyers and sellers can keep a track of all the offers submitted. The entire transaction is maintained and managed by ‘Plotplots’.

NRI’s can also buy land on offer in India. As per the Reserve Bank of India regulations, only those foreigners who are holding long term business visas are allowed to buy property in India.

All plots are not of the freehold kind. Proper enquiries will have to be made with sellers on whether the plots offered are freehold or leasehold or if they are subject to any restrictions. The additional charges that are applicable while buying land or plots are the stamp duty and registration charges along with the commission charges to the team. In cases of multiple plot projects, development costs and infrastructure costs may be applicable.