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Fast Facts about Goa

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fast-track-tourismAll visitors coming to Goa from outside of India require a visa except for citizens of Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. There is no provision for granting of visas on arrival in India. You should apply to the Indian Embassy or the High Commission of India in your respective countries. Visitors who are planning to stay beyond six months have to apply to the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office within a fortnight of their arrival.


Top 5 World-Class Stag Do Getaways

stag-gateawaysIt’s your last chance (well, perhaps) to enjoy the bachelor life and your stag do should be memorable. There is an incredible selection of suitable destinations for serious partying. Unfortunately, you can’t hit them all. But you can hook up your friends and hope they’ll soon need their own event, which you will cheerfully volunteer to organize.

There are many groups of destinations that may hold special appeal for you. Many opt for the mysteries of the orient, while others prefer to party where they know the rules. The Baltic States have gained great credentials as the place for unwinding. You may love to gamble, play golf or sleep away the day and tour the nightspots. You can plan the event yourself, but you will not only save money by choosing a stag do package but also be assured the husband-to-be enjoys the best weekend of his life.

So without further ado, the top five spots for your stag do, in no particular order.


The 6 Worst Tourist Traps of the World

london-collageRemember to cross off this six overpriced and underwhelming sites from your touring list. These places are tourist traps. Those heavily advertised attractions that are actually blatant misrepresentations of the places we are supposed to be seeing. So which are the world’s worst tourist traps?


Speeding Up Rail Travel by Boarding a Moving Train

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Speeding_up_Rail_Travel_by_Boarding_a_Moving_TrainA designer who is the Director of the British design group `Priestman Goode’, Paul Priestman, has come up with a futuristic solution for speeding up rail travel; he does not want to change the engines or the tracks; he wants to get rid of the stations.


The Ever Surprising Canary Islands

TENERIFE...MONTE TEIDEThe Canary Islands are primarily known for package holidays. Many people come here and don’t stray far from the beach, yet this part of the world is truly delightful especially for people who like unique natural features.


The World’s Best Ski Resorts

whistler view of blackcombSkiing is one of the most exciting pursuits for holidaymakers. It combines thrills and exercise with beautiful scenic mountains and resorts packed with nice restaurants, bars and clubs. Of course, ski holidays are reasonably major undertakings, and if you are only going to go on a few you want to focus on the best resorts.

Here are three of the finest resorts in the world to visit.


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