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The World's Most Extreme Hotels



The world’s most extreme destinations sometimes pale in comparison to the world’s most extreme hotels. Whether you visit to test your courage, challenge your sense of adventure or simply to get a good picture, here are ten of the most extreme hotels in the World.

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The Beautiful Indian Desert State

rajasthan-tourPeople who are planning to visit India are always having a tough time deciding which place to visit that will provide them with an ideal vacation. They will be trying to look for places where they can take part in activities that they are interested in while trying something different and new. When they plot out the possibilities in India on a chart, they will find that it is the beautiful state of Rajasthan that will give colour to their vacation.


The Rich Biodiversity of Africa

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Picture160This rich biodiversity of Africa supports its tourism industry by organizing camps and tours of its excellent wild life parks that give a glimpse of the famous lion, leopard, elephant and rhino. The wonderful safari parks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania offer an unparalleled wild life spectacle for adventure seekers. The luxury casino resort at Sun City in South Africa is also a popular weekend destination for the elite.


The Great Himalayan Circuit and the Impressive Himachal Pradesh Mountains

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The-Great-Himalaya-TrailHimachal Pradesh is a favourite destination for many tourists in the northern part of India. Thousands of foreign and local travellers come here every year to see the rugged mountains of the western Himalayas that crown this state. Very few places in India can match the incredible range of the high altitude deserts, the expansive apple orchards, the serene pine forests and the rolling foothills of the lofty hill stations. The lower hills swell with palaces, castles, temples and forts. Himachal Pradesh is home to all the major Himalayan ranges.


Google Transit Now In India

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google-transit-indiaFinally, the day has arrived. Google Maps India now shows public transit information for Ahmedabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Public transportation is still the most widely used mode of transportation in India. There were sites that showed Indian trains on Google Maps and I previously wrote an article on sites that shows Indian city routes on Google Maps but now Google India has officially launched the Google Transit for Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi.


At.mosphere At Burj Khalifa - World's Highest Restaurant

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worlds_highest_restaurant_Athmosphere_DubaiHere is one more reason to visit Dubai now. Dubai is becoming the most happening city in the world with high tech buildings, residential complexes and extreme architecture.

With the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it caught world's attention and now Burj Khalifa opens up world's highest restaurant at 442 metres up in the sky.


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