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Zite could be Your Personalized Magazine

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Zite is an App that is available on iOS. This App could become your customized magazine. It could be added free on iPad. If you have been keeping an eye out for an online magazine with a content that can be customized to your preferences, Zite is the answer to your search. It is a social feed aggregator and pulls content from your own feeds and popular web based applications. It is quite similar to Flipboard which has been considered as Apple’s App of the year.

The user interface of Zite is somewhat like a print publication. The whole design of the magazine is well organized. When you start up, the App will ask you to sync your Twitter and Google Reader feeds. You can then find a page with a whole range of customizing content. If you are a tech buff, you can choose feeds exclusively related to technology. You can even  micro manage the feeds by selecting particular brands like Google, Apple or Microsoft and read stories that are related only to those brands.

An important feature of Zite is that it displays all the content in its own windows. This gives the App a print publication feel. You can play YouTube videos on the App but the App struggles with HTML 5 based content. Another great feature of Zite is its quick learning capability. If you like a particular article, the App adapts and offers similar content to you.