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YouTube is Busy Building International Interfaces

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PCWorld has observed that YouTube, a popular video sharing website, has expanded its international presence with its Korean language interface so that many people across the globe can take advantage of the streamlined hosting, subscribing and online streaming of video clips. Every other day, popular U.S. based websites are spreading their reach and expanding their services to a whole range of countries across the world. It has become quite easy to expand the products and services internationally with e-Commerce and product wares as Apple has done so successfully with the iPhone all over the world.

In the case of You Tube and Korean language, it has integrated local Korean content apart from the interface. YouTube may not find itself as the sole company in this field. There will be stiff competition from video companies and portals like Daum and Pandora TV.

Korea is one of the first countries to show full length episodes of TV programs from several on-air networks. PC World has commented that the rise in portal and community sites has made the user-generated video very popular. Korea has a huge level of broadband internet reach and streaming video has been in demand for a long time now.

YouTube has been quite active in the launching of international interfaces for Italy, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Brazil, Japan and Poland. Korea will be added to this substantial list. It is a good achievement on the part of You Tube to spread its business in an international direction by providing its free, streamlined services to a global audience.