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Sophisticated Hacking Attacks have taken place on Facebook and Twitter

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Sophisticated hacking attacks have taken place on Facebook and Twitter. Apple iPhone users have also got their pass codes bypassed. Facebook has revealed that it has been a target of a vicious hacking attack by a set of people who have taken advantage of a loophole in the system of Facebook which has not been known to many. The social networking website is consoling its users that their personal information has not been compromised in this hacking coup.

It has informed that malware has infected its computer systems after some employees had entered a website of a developer of mobile applications and this website has been compromised. Facebook is not the only site that has been attacked in this manner.

It has also come to light that hackers may have stolen about a quarter of a million passwords from Twitter users. Their email addresses also have been stolen. This kind of a security breach is probably one of the biggest to affect Twitter. It has over two hundred million active users. This will definitely raise concerns over the danger of such cyber attacks. Twitter has warned all its users whose passwords have been stolen to reset them to avoid further risk. Security experts have also warned that the hackers also have the possession of valuable cache of information as the Twitter passwords of people are the same as those that they use for their mails or other purposes like banking. The risk is very much likely that the internal networking of Twitter has been compromised by this hacking effort and this could compromise other information potentially.

Apple iPhone users also have learnt that the hacking of pass codes has let some thieves to unlock their phones too. This is because of a security flaw that makes the iPhones accessible to hackers. Millions of iPhone users have, no doubt, added a new four digit security pin code to avoid unauthorized users from getting access to their phones; but this new loophole in its latest software indicates that the pass codes can be bypassed.