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New Stalking Software that Uses Data from Social Networking Websites

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People are being warned of a snooping kind of technology that is tracking their movements and predicting their future behavior based on the information taken from social networking websites. This software mainly relies on Facebook and Twitter to create a picture of people’s lives in detail. This kind of software can create a storm and raise issues over invasion of privacy and a breach of civil liberty.

This software system has been developed by the defense contractor in USA, Raytheon. It is claiming that this kind of technology can be molded into a ‘Google for spies’ and then used by governments to control and monitor people online.

Such kind of software has been there actually since the past couple of years. It has gone by the name of ‘Riot’ or ‘Rapid Information Overlay Technology’. Though it has not been sold directly to any clients yet, it has been shared with the US government. This move comes close on the heels of the big controversy that was created by the Communications Bill in the United Kingdom that wanted to authorize the monitoring of phone calls, e-mails and the usage of internet.

Home Secretary, Theresa May, had voiced her opinion that many lives would be saved if the security services were given the powers over the internet to snoop on e-mails and social networking sites. There was a proposal made that the internet providers be compulsorily made to retain the records of all communications for a period of one year to which the police and the security services could get access.