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Make Free Calls to USA & Canada With Just Browser

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With internet telephony and VoIP, free calls and cheap international calls are common these days. There are so many ways you can make free international calls worldwide. Gone are the days for those calling cards and phone cards.

I am going to show you now how you can make free international calls from around the world to USA & Canada. As you know VoIP to VoIP phones are always cheap or free because they work on SIP (Session Initiated Protocol). As long as you have a computer with a microphone, you can make free calls from PC.

Visit this site, it gives you a second phone line. Just point your browser to My Second Phone Line and you don't need to download VoIP software or anything. Just enter any USA or Canada phone number and hit the green button.

I tried few phone calls with this website and the call quality was ok. The person on the other side had little bit of a problem hearing my voice. But hey, its free calling to USA & Canada, I can live with small hiccups. 

The website is using jQuery plugin that allows you to basically turn any browser into a phone.

Give it a try..