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Facebook Unfurls Revival Of Its Games Berth

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About six weeks ago, Google launched a gaming element for its Google+ on its social network platform. This new offer allowed Google+ users to play games from within the social network’s walls as well as including some games that could be played with other Google+ users. Some of these launched games included the highly popular Rovio’s `Angry Birds’, PopCap’s `Bejeweled Blitz’ and Zynga’s `Poker’. Though it is a small start compared with what is being offered on Facebook, it has done stupendous business by offering social games that players can use while remaining active within the social network’s page.

Facebook had to do something about this. They have announced changes now to their gaming system. Gamers on the social network will now have a separate stream that will show their friends’ game activities as well as their scores in a ticker. Gamers will also be able to control who will see the games they are playing.

Facebook is also planning to introduce a bigger game screen for a better playing experience. Games like `Mystery Manor’, `Cityville’, `Monster World’ and `Zoo World’ will get the full screen expansion within the next few days.

So, there is a Google and Facebook face-off in social games. Both the web giants are now competing fiercely to attract users to their respective online services. Games have become a crucial battlefield between the two companies. People like to play games for their recreation and it is very important for the social networking cause. Google is going to add about sixteen games from third party developers on Google +. They have already got more than ten million users in these past six weeks. Google+ seems to be on a collision course with Facebook.