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Facebook Losing Ground to Google

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A user satisfaction survey has showed that people are not that thrilled with Facebook anymore and the social networking site is losing considerable ground and market share to Google+ as per a recent study. PC World has described Facebook user experience as `poor’ despite the monopoly that Facebook enjoys in the social networking market.

It is surprising to note that even though Facebook has done marginally better this year, it has still come last among the sites that were included in the study as per the American Customers Satisfaction Index. Things could change quickly downwards for Facebook if the customer satisfaction does not improve. Google+ is threatening to knock Facebook off its throne. With its limited invitation-only trial, Google+ has got more than ten million members already.

Wikipedia and You Tube have emerged as the leaders in social media sites. In another sub category for search engines and portals, Google is still the market leader while facing stiff competition from Bing in the second place. The News websites sub category leader is Fox News followed by ABC News.

Critics are generally quite pleased with the service provision of Google+. Google has been under pressure for some time to come up with an answer to Facebook. With social search and social web advertising growing rapidly, Google is getting interested with a large financial interest in becoming the strongest medium. Google+ is made up of three basic concepts like `Circles’, `Hangouts’ and `Sparks’ that reach out to friends’ management, video chat rooms and social sharing.