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Facebook Celebrates its Ninth Birthday

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Facebook turned nine years old today. The world’s largest social networking site began on 4th February 2004. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg in his sophomore year at Harvard. He had tried to launch the site earlier in 2003 and was going to call it `Facemash’ but Harvard University administration did not allow it as he had procured information by hacking into the university administration records for the site.

Today, Facebook has over a billion users in just a matter of nine years. The website allowed users to upload their pictures in just about a year’s time since its launch. It is reported that over two hundred billion photos have been uploaded till date.

Initially, you had to be a major over eighteen years of age to join the site but in 2006, it allowed people over thirteen years of age to become members. The `Like’ icon concept came into being in February 2009. The site has seen over a trillion `likes’ since that time. The `Timeline’ was introduced in September 2011 and was later made compulsory for all users within a span of five months.

Facebook also went public last year with a market capitalization of over hundred billion dollars. After an initial burst, its stock took a beating.

That apart, Facebook, as a social networking site, is going strong and mobile usage has now become a very important part of its growth strategy. Facebook has launched apps like `Camera’, `Poke’ and a new updated Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android users. It has also bought the popular mobile photo editor and sharing app, `Instagram’, last year.

Last month, Facebook launched `Graph Search’ which allows users to search the site for photos, people, places and likes. Although privacy concerns have been raised, Graph Search is still a beta product and may be available to all site users by this year end.